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I couldn’t find a book that introduced the libertarian philosophy and also gave lots of information about the Libertarian Party from an insider’s perspective. So, in 2013, I wrote the book myself!

It’s called Introduction to the Libertarian Party.

I think this book will help you be a better Libertarian activist, and may help you explain to your friends why you support the Libertarian Party.

Brian Holtz of California, a former multi-term member of the Libertarian Party’s Platform Committee writes:

I’m jealous at how good this book is! And I’m even more impressed by how deftly it charts its way through libertarian intramural minefields. I was poised to start a list of statements that I disagree with, and I never found anything to start the list with….

Most of the chapters would be great as standalone readings for those particular topics, and I hope the author releases them for redistribution, so they will be read more widely than even this instant classic will be.

Book contents:

Introduction – How I Found the Libertarian Party

  1. Don’t hit people and don’t take their stuff
  2. What is a Libertarian?
  3. Libertarians on 25 issues
  4. What does a libertarian government look like?
  5. Are libertarians too extreme?
  6. Republican hypocrites
  7. Democratic hypocrites
  8. How many Libertarians are there?
  9. The Libertarian Party Platform
  10. The World’s Smallest Political Quiz
  11. History of the Libertarian Party
  12. How the Libertarian Party is organized
  13. How I won my first county chairman position!
  14. Turning around the dysfunctional Texas Libertarian Party
  15. Why run for office as a Libertarian?
  16. Life cycle of a Libertarian campaign
  17. How to donate and volunteer
  18. Are Libertarians wasting their votes?
  19. The libertarian movement outside the Libertarian Party
  20. Famous libertarians
  21. Libertarian infighting
  22. Libertarian PACs: where millionaires should donate
  23. Hope for the future

I’m paying for the cost of the book out of my own pocket because I want to help you be a more prepared Libertarian.

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